About Bank on Women

Bank on Women is dedicated to developing and promoting women leaders in community banking, striving to educate the industry on the importance of cognitive diversity and women in leadership roles. We have a national network of highly qualified Director and C-suite candidates, working with Boards and Corporate Governance Committees on efforts to promote gender diversity. Bank on Women provides support for senior women in banking through networking, mentoring, and professional development programs, as well as promoting the development of future women leaders through mentoring, networking, and professional development programs.


Jennifer Docherty, Co-Founder, Founding Director and Chief Executive Officer – Bank on Women

Managing Director & Associate General Counsel, Financial Services Group – Piper Sandler

Jennifer Docherty is a managing director and associate general counsel in the financial services group at Piper Sandler. She has over 20 years of experience as a senior banking and legal advisor, including structuring and executing over $638 billion in capital raising for financial institutions since 2014, including over $25 billion through more than 130 debt and equity transactions in 2020. In addition to transactional work, Docherty works closely with management teams and boards of directors providing general strategic and industry advice. She is a frequent national speaker and panelist at industry conferences, and regular contributor to articles on banking and gender diversity.

Terrie Spiro, Co-Founder, Founding Director and Chair of the Board – Bank on Women

Chairman and CEO of TNP, Financial Enterprise Consulting Services, LLC

Terrie G. Spiro has wide-ranging CEO, executive level, and director experience which includes top 50, multi-regional, regional, and community bank platforms, most of which were public companies located in the mid-Atlantic. As a serial CEO, she has a proven track record in the formation and start-up of new banks, performance improvement in established banks, and the recapitalization and turnaround of troubled banks where she is brought in by regulators as a “

White Knight”. Working as a “White Knight”, Spiro has gained extensive experience working with bank regulators, including the FRB, the FDIC, the OCC, and many state regulators.