About OnBoard NC

OnBoardNC is a highly-selective and industrially-diverse group of women whose collective focus is to empower companies and its leaders by shrinking the boardroom gender gap. Together, we represent a deep talent pool from the NC Research Triangle region with over 1,000 years of experience and wisdom collected in the boardroom and beyond. We are confident that OnBoardNC members have the talent and expertise you are looking for in your Board of Director’s search. Contact us directly to take the first steps towards boardroom balance.


We work to identify and pursue only the most qualified applicants. Each OnBoardNC member is armed with an impressive track record of exceptional business judgment, governance, and board experience acquired on the front lines of the varying industries we serve. We maintain our high standard of membership through continuing industry education in a knowledge-sharing culture.


Identifying the need for a balanced boardroom is just the start. Since 2015, we have come to the table to sustain this important conversation with leaders all over the country. By understanding the distinct vision of each organization, we’re equipped to pursue the best possible outcome through education, networking and selective collaboration.


We are dedicated to continually extending our reach by bringing together market influencers, board leaders and our own members to foster conversation and demonstrate the power of an inclusive board. We seek to educate organizations with an interest in leadership diversity and partner with advocates looking to connect qualified candidates with the companies who need them.