About The Forum of Executive Women

It began in 1977 as a connecting point for the handful of Philadelphia-area women in corporate leadership roles. Today, The Forum is a network of nearly 600 women leaders in the Greater Philadelphia Region. The Forum represents various segments of the business community – from finance to manufacturing, government to healthcare, nonprofits to communication, the professions to technology.

The Forum’s core mission – to advance women leaders in the Greater Philadelphia Region – remains unchanged. But its goals have expanded as the number of women in leadership positions has grown. As the premier network of influential women, The Forum:

· Makes the voices of women leaders heard

· Provides a venue for the exchange of views and information

· Advances parity in the corporate world

· Supports members for leadership roles

· Furthers diversity, equity and inclusion

· Promotes the contributions, skills and visibility of Forum members

· Mentors junior women as they advance in their careers

· Serves as a source of influential contacts, business referrals and remarkable friendships

Our Mission We bring together, and leverage the influence of, professional women to expand the impact and power of women in the workplace and beyond.

Our Vision Women will achieve equitable representation in leadership, influence, and power in the workplace, their homes and their communities.

Our Guiding Principles

· Inclusion: We are dedicated to growing our welcoming, diverse, engaging, and caring community that is bound together by our common purpose.

· Connections: We work strategically and collaboratively to connect individuals, resources, opportunities, and networks to advance women’s individual, professional, and shared goals.

· Equity: We are committed to amplifying the voices of all women, including women who have been historically marginalized and oppressed, and to ensuring that we create equitable opportunities for all women.

· Influence: We use our collective influence to create opportunities, to advance women, to break down barriers, and to advocate for all women.